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Costa Rica Shore Excursions: The Benefits of Private Tours

23 Jul 2015

Costa Rica Cruise Ship Excursions:  The Benefits of Private Transportation

Coming to Costa Rica on a cruise ship?

Your cruise ship has docked in Puntarenas, Costa Rica and you want to make the most of your time in the country, correct?  New countries can be wonderful and exciting, but visiting new places can also bring a bit of anticipation as well.  What are the top things to do in Costa Rica?  Where are the top sightseeing destinations in Costa Rica and how will I get there?  Will I have time to get there?  Is it safe to book cruise excursions off the cruise ship?  Oh the list goes on, we know, we know...just relax and read on and we will try our best to put you at ease and guide you in the right direction.

The majority of cruise ships port in either Puntarenas (or Puerto Caldera), and unfortunately the list of available shore excursions in Costa Rica does little for those wanting to experience the lush tropical forests and beautiful wildlife that Costa Rica is blessed with all across the country.  From the abundance of wildlife and beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, the breathtaking exploring Arenal Volcano or the Tico culture found in capital city of San Jose and everywhere in between; there is so much to explore in Costa Rica in one day and best way you can get it all in is by planning ahead and arranging a private transportation service.

What are the benefits of taking a private transportation service and what can you expect?  

Costa Rica Shore Excursions: The Benefits of Private ToursFirst and foremost, you biggest benefit of booking a private shore excursion in Costa Rica is able to choose your itinerary and decide on how much time you spend at each destination.  What this means is that you can experience Costa Rica at your own pace…just as the Ticos famously do!  Did that coffee shop you just passed look interesting?  Let’s stop in!  Want to try a traditional “soda” (family-owned Costa Rica eatery) that you spot leaving San Jose?  No problem!  Feel like taking an extra hike around those Botanical Gardens you just passed?  Go for it!  Private transportation allows you much more flexibility and the ability to visit those places you truly want to see while in Costa Rica.  There is also the option of hiring a bilingual tour guide who will enthusiastically give you an in-depth explanation of Costa Rica’s most amazing landmarks.  This can add a tremendous value to your vacation experience.  Already researched and know where you want to head?  Perfect, our drivers will get you there or you can hire a guide at the destinations if you so choose.

Costa Rica Shore Excursions: The Benefits of Private ToursThe second most valuable benefit of booking a private shore excursion in Costa Rica is less crowds, no big buses, and a much more unique cultural experience.  We know many of the cruise ship itineraries that bring you to Costa Rica mean a minimum of 14 days on the ship.  By the time you have reached Costa Rica, we are sure you need a break from the crowds.  By booking a private cruise ship excursion in Costa Rica, you can take a break from the group and share a true cultural experience with just you and your loved ones that are very hard, if not impossible, to duplicate on the large and sometimes less authentic bus tours arranged by your cruise ship.

Where all can you visit while docked in Puntarenas or Caldera cruise ship port? 

It is important to check the time that you will spend in port in order to choose the destination that is within driving distance.  Thankfully, many of the cruise ship itineraries allow for up to 12 hours in port in Costa Rica. This makes Arenal, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, Jaco and the Capital of San Jose all very accessible in one day.  You can see the minimum and recommended hours for each of our destinations HERE.

Costa Rica is far too beautiful country to only experience from a port town.  Make the most of your vacation time, discover the very best options for traveling to Costa Rica’s top destinations and stay tuned as we highlight the top cruise excursion destinations in upcoming blogs.

Pura Vida!

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