Latest buzz, travel tips and team reviews

Latest buzz, travel tips and team reviews

Dia De Los Muertos in Central America: All…

02 Nov 2015

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), with its brightly colored sugar skulls, fantastic celebrations and elaborate altars, is truly. Continue reading

Micro-Breweries & Craft Beers in Costa…

29 Oct 2015

In the spirit of Oktoberfest, we thought we would hit on the growing trend of Artisanal Beer in Costa Rica. So raise your glasses. Continue reading

Nitro City Panama | Panama's Action…

22 Oct 2015

Whether you're a budding extreme sports superstar, or just want a diversion from the typical "all you can drink" all-inclusive. Continue reading

Costa Rica CST | Certification for Sustainable…

15 Oct 2015

Costa Rica's genuine effort to protect the environment has finally paid off! Earlier this year they were officially recognized. Continue reading

Horseback Riding & Hot Springs in Boquete:…

01 Oct 2015

In this case, I think the title says it all.....the Horseback Riding and Hot Springs tour in Boquete is a tour this Activity Specialist. Continue reading

Costa Rica's Sea Turtle Arribadas at…

21 Sep 2015

Costa Rica has made a name for itself as a tourist destination with a deep and abiding love of nature and conservation. This is just. Continue reading

Panama Canal Springs a Leak: Trials of the…

17 Sep 2015

As you may already know, the Panama Canal has been undergoing a significant expansion over the last several years, a massive undertaking. Continue reading

Panama & Costa Rica Green Season Travel…

14 Sep 2015

Traveling during a region's so-called "low season" has plenty of perks, and depending on what the intention is of your. Continue reading

What is happening to the Frogs in Central…

10 Sep 2015

For several years now, scientists in Costa Rica and Panama have been tracking what has become a very worrying disease among frog populations. Continue reading

Costa Rica Closing Zoos...Someday

07 Sep 2015

One of the things we love most about Costa Rica is that this tiny nation is constantly at the forefront of conservation methods, laws. Continue reading