Latest buzz, travel tips and team reviews

Latest buzz, travel tips and team reviews

Costa Rica - Panama Borders: What You Need…

15 Sep 2016

Anywhere in the world, crossing the border between two countries comes with a bit of bothersome immigration protocol. Crossing the. Continue reading

Red Frog Beach Canopy Bocas Del Toro - Real…

08 Sep 2016

I will admit to being pretty jaded when it comes to canopy zip line tours. I lived in Mexico & Costa Rica for nearly a decade and. Continue reading

La Paz Waterfall Gardens & Poas Volcano…

01 Sep 2016

Here at the Real Deal Tours we are often asked, "If you had to choose just one place to visit when staying in San Jose, which. Continue reading

Bocas Town ATV Tour Panama - Real Deal Team…

04 Aug 2016

Flying Pirates ATV Tours in Bocas Del Toro are run by a family from California, and the dad, Steve, certainly has the pirate spirit.. Continue reading

Taboga Island One Day Tour (Part 2/2) -…

26 Jul 2016

Our Real Deal Team member enjoyed her day so much she pretty much included nearly every detail so we split the post into 2 submissions.. Continue reading

Taboga Island One Day Tour - Real Deal Experience…

22 Jul 2016

Panama City is an incredible destination, but I think we can all agree that extremely lively, fascinating and entertaining cities. Continue reading

Pearl Islands Whale Watching Panama - Team…

18 Jul 2016

Here at The Real Deal Tours we want to make sure we always offer you only the best tours in Panama so we send our team out to test. Continue reading

Panama Canal Expansion Inauguration: History…

24 Jun 2016

On Sunday, June 26, the much-anticipated expansion of the Panama Canal will finally come to fruition as Panamanian President Juan. Continue reading

San Blas One Day Tour | Experience San Blas…

13 Jun 2016

Once the Spanish conquistadors arrived to Central America, they drove the indigenous tribes from their homes on Panama proper. The. Continue reading

Tortuguero National Park FAQ's | Costa…

16 May 2016

This off the beaten path destination is a ´must visit' for nature lovers and those seeking something extra special from their. Continue reading